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  • Has it been tested?

    Yes we've had a select number of traders testing it over 3 months and the strike rate has come out at 76% at getting matched at a lower price.
  • Which markets will it cover?

    UK and Irish win markets.
  • What exactly is it?

    We automatically identify steamers which will be emailed out to subscribers 15 mins before the off.

    We advise getting on asap and look to take at least 1 tick profit, 2 ticks in most cases will also work and maybe 3/4 ticks too but 1 or 2 would be better sticking with for regular winners. The help page has a full explanation on the site.

    We advise worst case taking a 3 tick loss and being out before the off, do not take inrunning to get matched.
  • Anything else?

    Beauty of this is money drives prices. With users' money behind prices not only should majority steam without users' money but 75 subscribers backing the horse too will see the horse steam in before the off.
  • What if the price has moved the wrong way when I receive the alert?

    We would still recommend backing the horse as users weight of money alone should bring the price down so we'd advise going for 1 tick profit.
  • What stakes do I use?

    We will simply leave that to the users. We advise the steamers, how much someone backs is simply down to comfort levels for the trader.
    Some will be £10, some £100 etc.
  • How do I become one of the 75?

  • How much is it?

  • Do I need software like Bet Angel?

  • Will there be full instructions?

  • Is there any other help?

  • How much will I win?

  • Which is the best email provider to use?

  • Do we go Inrunning?

  • Do you accept Skrill?

  • Do you have an affiliation programme?